Backup & Recovery

DataVAULT Backup & Recovery

For Complete Data Protection

While you are busy putting out fires, business is walking out the door. Don’t give the competition the edge by going soft on your IT backup and recovery plan. Secure your data with DataVAULT Backup & Recovery Service.

Preserve and restore all of your files in a secure, offsite environment without a major capital investment. We manage the setup and the maintenance for you, so you can concentrate on your business. 

  • Set up & restoration is fast & easy to do
  • Automatic Backups
  • Scalable
  • Data Archiving
  • Store unlimited versions
  • Restoration is 99.999% guaranteed
  • Data is securely encrypted
  • Data is stored offsite in two mirrored, and geographically separated data centers, ensuring that both are not affected by the same weather system or natural disaster
  • Multiple device support

Secure, Fast, and Easy on the Budget.  

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Bare Metal Restore

Starting Over Just Got Easier

If you are facing a crashed server or data disaster, you don’t have a moment to waste, you need to recover your data as fast as possible. Bare Metal Restore  simplifies and speeds up the restore process so that you can quickly get your business back on its feet.

Bare Metal Restore is a built in feature of our DataVAULT Backup & Recovery Service, so it’s available to you at no extra cost.   

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VMWare Backup & Recovery

Backup and recovery for VMware virtual machines

Included in our DataVAULT Backup and Recovery service, this powerful and flexible feature lets you keep your data safe even when stored in virtual environments. VMWare backup &recovery allows you to easily back up multiple VMware virtual machines across multiple servers to the cloud, local vault, or both. Backups are fully encrypted and undergo deduplication to speed transfer.

Fast, Economical VMware Protection

Our Intelliblox block-level backup technology enables faster incremental backups and a lower risk for data redundancy.

  • Back up VMware virtual machines to the cloud, local device, or both
  • Customize retention and archiving to meet your business’ unique needs
  • Monitor backup status easily from the Backup Status Dashboard
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HyperV Backup & Rapid Recovery

Maximize Virtual Environment Uptime

Business owners are moving rapidly to virtualization to shrink IT footprints and operating costs. Yet, anxieties persist about virtualization’s hidden costs and risks. Info Exchange native Hyper-V backup solution can help you manage your P2V migration and keep your businesses running.

 Info Exchange’s DataVAULT backup and recovery options for Hyper-V allow you to address your specific restore requirements. Including..

  • Import to Hyper-V — Select the desired VM folder and import directly to Hyper-V
  • Object-level restore — Explore and extract specific files and folders quickly and easily, with no need to mount VHDs
  • Fast Recovery Time Objective — Recover Hyper-V virtual machines from local storage in minutes
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Quick Spin

Recover in Hyper Time with

Eliminate extended downtime and restore your VMware environment fast with our local disaster recovery tool QuickSpin.

  • Recover VMware virtual machines locally in minutes, not hours
  • Restore VMs into an isolated environment on production equipment
  • Perform true disaster recovery testing easily

With Quick Spin, a virtual machine hosts the CPU, Memory, Hard Drive, Network and Applications for multiple computers on a single Virtual Hard Drive. This solution offers Continuous Data Protection as it is configured to take system state snapshots (or back-ups) …as frequently as every 15 minutes. With Quick Spin you retain up to 99 instances of these shots, increasing your ability to revert to a specific particular time of day or date of your data’s life.

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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Our Lifeline to You

Affordable yet robust protection against security breaches, viruses and system failures.

No worries … Info Exchange’s BC/DR enables you to rapidly restore access to business applications and data by failing over to the Info Exchange cloud with near zero Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) measured in minutes – without the capital expense of setting up a disaster recovery site on your own.

When the servers are down, everyone knows it!

Info Exchange BC/DR Service allows your IT workloads to be replicated from virtual or physical environments to our high-availability cloud infrastructure. From experience, we know that disaster recovery plans are different for each organization so our BC/DR processes are tuned to your business priorities and compliance needs.

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